Sure, many might argue that this sector can be somewhat unpredictable at times, but the pros of belonging to it far outweigh the cons – by leaps and bounds! And being part of an international work environment and culture that promotes work-life balance and flexibility – we’re here to confirm this.

While many have been in the scene for a considerable number of years – some even since its inception a couple of decades ago – others are still dreaming of landing a job that matches their skills and ambitions.

The good news? You can be part of this industry, even if you lack experience in iGaming. Yes, you read that correctly. Operators and vendors are always on the lookout for those who have specific skills or character traits – and fresh faces that can enrich the company’s dynamics is always something welcome.

So, let’s take a look at what they’re looking for and see how you can fit in and possibly apply for that job you’ve had your heart set on!

Hey There, Globetrotter… We Want YOU!

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and are itching to trot around the globe (and be paid for it), the iGaming industry may be just what you’re looking for. The bigger iGaming companies have their headquarters in countries such as Malta, Spain and the UK. If you’re residing in another country and are at a loss as to whether you should apply or not, it’s good to point out that many of them offer attractive relocation packages for their potential employees to ensure they’re fully settled in their new country of residence.

While flexibility is a norm with many of such companies, you also need to acknowledge the fact that you might be expected to go to the office. Others only require you to go on site a few times a week. Hence the necessity to relocate. So if you’re up for a new adventure – why not go for it? You’ll certainly have a leg up on other applicants.

But, if relocation is not on your agenda you should know that this still won’t rule you out in the job hunt within the sector. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that many companies are switching to a fully-remote basis, even in a post-pandemic era - which in turn, would allow you to work from home in a different country altogether – give or take a couple of hours from their time zone. And get this… if you’re super lucky, certain companies don’t even restrict their employees to time-zones, which means you can quite literally work from anywhere in the world at any time you prefer! How cool is that?

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Parlez Vous Other languages?

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

When it comes to this melting pot of cultures, this sector truly puts into practice the notion of being one without borders. Customers come from every corner of the world and operators need to market their products to as many people as possible from an array of jurisdictions.

If you know at least two languages (but of course, the more, the better!) your horizons of finding a job in the industry are automatically widened.

Our suggestion is to check out opportunities in customer support and retention, marketing and game design – because these are roles where your linguistic skills will be put to practice. And needless to say, it makes sense to apply for a job in which you know you’ll excel!

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The World Belongs to the Young and Ambitious

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

It’s not unheard of for top executives in the iGaming industry to be substantially younger than their counterparts in other industries. If you’re young, ambitious, driven and a hard worker, you’ll easily find your place in this sphere. But don’t fret if you’re not the spring chicken. We certainly don’t want you to think this is an ageist sector either! It’s good to understand it’s an equal opportunity one too. You can be 25 or 55 years of age, so long as you bring with you your A-game and the right attitude and skillset, you’ll surely find something that matches your job aspirations.

Granted, you may be expected to put in long hours for C-level positions (it’s part and parcel of climbing the corporate ladder) but chances are that with determination and the desirable work ethic on your side – this won’t even be an issue for you.

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Experience Isn’t Mandatory

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to have years’ worth of experience under your belt. Of course, this is highly dependent on the role for which you’d be applying. It goes without saying that senior posts require at least one or two years of experience. But if you’re in the midst of a bold career move and would like to start afresh in a promising industry – this should be it! All you need to have is the right mindset to succeed.

Young and dynamic companies are on the lookout for people who are talented in specific areas, and not the iGaming industry in particular. If you have experience in related industries such as client retention, marketing, human resources, affiliate management or programming, you shouldn’t find it difficult to get a position here either.

Be Prepared

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

If you’re lucky enough to get to the interviewing stage, it’s normal for there to be a few steps involved before a job offer is made. It’s also good to know that part of the company’s filtering process usually involves some sort of test, writing task and/or presentation related to the role you’ve applied for. It’s good to understand that this is by no means a phase to catch you out and highlight your shortcomings. Quite the contrary. It’s your time to shine and show why you’re the best fit for the job and why they should choose you over other candidates. So make sure you market yourself well, because after all you’re showing them why you deserve to be considered for the role.

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Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

To work in this industry requires a particular mindset. If you insist on wearing a suit and tie every day to work, that’s fine – but it’s certainly not mandatory. In a nutshell, it’s ‘Casual Friday’ every day of the week!

So if a jeans and a t-shirt combo is your staple office attire, and you don’t balk at your colleagues doing the same, then you will feel right at home.

Most offices promote employees to feel free and comfortable to wear whatever they please (provided it’s still within the remits of professionalism, of course!) so that they can focus more on their tasks and less on their appearances.

Covid-19 has driven this point home even further. Many in the industry were forced to switch to remote work practically overnight and still managed to do a great job, despite these new conditions. Indeed, the majority have relished this office-to-home shift. So, you may very well be lucky enough to have the luxury of sipping your first dose of caffeine in your PJs whilst prepping for that 9am Zoom call.

Now go for it!

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

Made up from companies that are scattered worldwide with billions generated in revenue, it’s no surprise the iGaming sector has taken the world by storm. With that said, such success is only possible because these companies are made up a solid workforce. And in turn, this has been achievable because from the get-go, they have invested in people – whether through in-house or external training, conferences or educational courses.

This is why there’s a department for every specialization – because every piece of the puzzle is important. From Accounting to HR; SEO to Content specialists, Programming to Graphic Design – the list of industry experts is pretty much endless. And it is for this very reason people are leaving their current workplace and flocking to these firms for better opportunities, and yes, cliché as it may sound – greener pastures in terms of career growth.

Quite literally, there really is something for everyone in the dynamic world that is iGaming. So if you’re ready to take the plunge and leave your current dead-end job – don’t think twice and jump into this world of opportunities.

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Be Realistic

Can You Land a Job in iGaming If You Lack Experience?

With all this said and done, you need also need to be realistic. This means that you need to be comfortable with the possibility of starting off with an entry-level position, even if you’re used to having a managerial post elsewhere. But, don’t let this faze you, because once they see your potential chances are, you’ll be promoted in no time – sometimes within a matter of months!

Ultimately, with the right attitude and enough determination you’ll see that this sector is one that reflects your thirst for growth and success. The only thing you’d be left thinking is – why didn’t I join this industry sooner?!

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